TITANIUM OG KUSH is the result of a complex three-way cross between RUNTZ, SHERBET Z, and a second-generation cut of TRUFFLE GAS from Artgenetix. Let’s explore each of these varieties in detail to understand how their genetics influence Titanium OG Kush.
RUNTZ, a descendant of the renowned Gelato lineage, is specifically a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato. This combination produces a potent effect accompanied by sweet aromas, hints of gas, rosemary, and biscuit, with an indica predominance. The RUNTZ phenotype used is known to generate a bubbly body effect and a creative cerebral buzz, characterized by a unique aroma that blends sweetness with precious diesel nuances.
On the other hand, Sherbet-Z originated as a cross between the hybrid Mango Cookies and Gelato #33, one of the parents of RUNTZ. After several attempts, the artgenetix team, in collaboration with Delta Botanics, developed a new version of Sherbet-Z with a different father: (Animal Cookies x Do si dos). This variety offers musky pine aromas with a touch of gas, featuring a remarkable 28% THC and a potent cerebral effect.
The last variety used in creating TITANIUM OG KUSH is TRUFFLE GAS, obtained through a backcross of Grape Gasoline with the mother of Sherbet-Z. Truffle Gas #5 is renowned for its creamy candy gas aroma and relaxing cheerful, and happy effect. To create TITANIUM, we used second and third-generation plants, unique for their particular growth characteristics, aromas, and potency and to stabilize all these characteristics into a uniform population.
TITANIUM OG KUSH exhibits rapid growth, a harmonious branched structure resembling a Christmas tree, a considerable height that loves to stretch, and very compact flowers. Surprisingly, this variety shows robust resistance without the need for excessive fertilizers.

Titanium og kush seed , gold line seed ,

  • Mother: Runtz X Sherbet-Z
  • Reversal: Truffle gas #5
  • Lineage: 90% Indica – 10% Sativa
  • Flowering: 8 weeks
  • Harvest: 700 gr/mq

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